How to use an sex doll?

Love dolls are perfect companions for those who love this type of relationship. Things are changing, quality is improving and users are having more enjoyable experiences. The lifespan depends on the quality with which you take care of it. Let's review several tips on how to extend the life of your inflatable doll.

Be careful and gentle with your companion When you decide to buy it, you may hesitate a bit once you get it.

You shouldn't, the primary purpose of having your inflatable doll is to use it.
Do not allow it to collect dust and deteriorate over time.

After deciding to use it, comes the question of how. We mentioned that they are made from flexible materials for a better experience, so more fragile materials are used.
This means that you have to be careful and gentle with your companion.
Take extra care when installing it in different positions and moving it. The areas where the joints are located are one of the most vulnerable parts, as reported by users. They are flexible, but you should not force too much in use.

When you forget it in any position for several minutes or even hours, you may tear it when you move it. It varies from model to model, but the best advice would be not to leave it in a dangerous position for too long.

Do not think that with all that we have described, they are ultra fragile, they are only warnings (better to prevent than cure!). They're built to act, but things like throws and dropping them can damage them.
Things like tying up hard can damage the external parts of the body. Using a hot object can melt or ignite your doll and cause damage. Keep these things in mind if you want to use your sex doll for a long time.

If you expose your doll to sunlight, you will age the material from which it is made. In addition, the material may start to develop small cracks.

Cleaning your doll is another way to preserve her body for longer.

After your sessions with her, you leave her all kinds of body fluids and other liquids inside. So a good clean up afterward is a must if you don't listen, what you risk getting is infections and deterioration of your skin. Don't be lazy and don't think you shouldn't be doing this.
Treat her like a human when it comes to hygiene.

Do not put it in the shower and do not use the same body care that you use for your body.
We do not recommend sharing it with some of your friends. If you do, you and your silicone inflatable doll are at high risk of contracting a disease. We all have different immunity mechanisms, so be careful.

Your companion's private parts are the dirtiest. Bacteria can grow here, investing in a vaginal irrigator would be a good idea.

Try cleaning the channels until everything is removed from the inside. Remember to dry your doll, not only the skin but also the inner parts.
You will honestly not regret it if you clean it every time you use it. For a perfect cleaning here is a complete article to help you clean your inflatable doll.

Lubrication is a must, new users forget to lubricate their doll.

Lubrication provides the best feeling and prevents you from injuring yourself. Never forget to use a product of this type. Now let's talk about lubricants. There are many products available in the market and they all claim to offer the ultimate experience. Some of them are great, but others are not.

How you will know, we recommend that you buy and use the more expensive ones for minimal risk. Cheap is more attractive, but not the best choice from our point of view.

They will not give you pleasure and satisfaction like their slightly more expensive counterparts but much more effective, quality at a price.

The lubrication of your doll allows you to have better penetration, so you should use it carefully in the sport where you plan to do this activity.

Your doll's skin will be smoother and will give you an even more natural and real feeling. If you choose not to use lubrication on your doll, you risk her skin starting to tear.

Let's not forget the wig.

This part is essential just like the rest of the body. You can remove and comb it carefully.

Use the same combing product that women buy for their hair. Apply shampoo and conditioner as in natural products. For drying, it is best not to use a hairdryer, but to let it dry on its own.

If you want to change the look of your sex doll, you can always buy clothes for her. With this addition, you have different experiences every time.
Just remove them when you plan on spending time with her.

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