How to kiss your sex doll and make her climax ?

Kiss your sex doll. Men like the pleasure of being loved by mouth, but in fact, it is not only men, but many women also like to be loved by mouth, and then developed 69 styles to satisfy each other.

But for those of you who love the pursuit of stimulation, don't you think this is not enough? Today, the editor brings a "Nine Styles of Love for One's Own" for your reference!

1. All Hail The Queen

The woman's legs are spread across the man's face, and she can kneel on her knees, but don't sit on the man's face entirely to avoid suffocation. When he wets your lower body, he can also touch your buttocks with both hands, or slide his fingertips in the crotch to increase pleasure.


2. 69 On The Sofa

It's a more exciting posture. Let your man lie on the sofa in an upside-down position with gold hooks, with your legs on the back of the chair; you kneel position and bring your lower body close to his face. The next steps are the same as 69. Because of the inclined posture, psychological insecurity is caused, which can greatly increase the pleasure.


3.Doggy Style

Use the dog-climbing way to work for the woman's mouth. At this time, the woman can fully control the appropriate angle and increase the pleasure of private parts by swinging the hips. The man can also slide to the rear court to create a sense of surprise, of course, only if both parties accept it.



4.On The Edge

It's almost the same as the average sex of men and women, but this time you can try sitting on the corner of the bed or table to increase the fun. With your feet open, the man can better control your private parts because of the cavities under the bedside and table corner. Seeing a man with a wide-open door, his hands shouldn't be idle. At this time, using both mouth and hands will definitely bring a more comprehensive pleasure to the woman!




Remember Toby McGuire's "Kissing Upside Down" in the Spider-Man trilogy?



Might as well emulate the upside-down kissing of the hero and heroine, and love him in an upside-down position. This will not only go deep into your throat, let him experience all-round enjoyment, but also get a glimpse of your copper body.


6. Leg-Up

Some women have more sensitive labia than the other. You can lie on the bed and raise the leg that is more comfortable (you can hold it with one hand or embrace the thigh with both hands), and let the man attack until you stop.


7. The Corkscrew

Apply the screw-pulling action to your mouth, hold the root of JJ in your hand, and tilt your head slightly to the left and right when you go in and out, just like you are pulling a wooden cork. At this time, coupled with holding the hand at the root, rotating and twisting JJ left and right, it will definitely make him weak orgasm.


8. The Sidecar

Both sides are measuring and facing each other. At this time, you can hold his JJ up to avoid knee pain and neck discomfort caused by kneeling. It is very suitable for cold and lazy winter.


9. deep-V

Lie on the edge of the bed and the corner of the table as in the edge style, raise your legs and open your thighs to make your thighs look V-shaped (you can hold the thighs with your hands, and put the legs directly on the man's shoulders). 

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