For beginners: how to use sexual dolls?

Living with a doll daily

Change clothes
As an inflatable doll lover, dressing your doll is a daily task, so you need to learn how to do it, like a mannequin. Dress her in sportswear today, in a swimsuit tomorrow, and so on.
When choosing very fashionable clothes for inflatable dolls, you need to pay attention to the size of the clothes.

Because love dolls are close to the perfect body shape, which is why we usually choose small and medium sizes for it. The dressing also requires certain skills. When wearing underwear, you should lie flat with the doll, bend your knees and line up with the crotch. Put underwear on the thighs, lift her hips, bust, and lift them.

Wearing stockings for a doll in the same position will be very gentle. Dressing up your doll can be a bit tedious at first, but it's very important to have exciting sex.

Take a bath

The feeling of spending time with loved ones is very special and special. It's a way to recover from the fatigue of a hard day's work by staying with your inflatable doll. What is it like to sleep with a doll in the bathtub? It is very different to be in bed. It's a different feeling than normal, having sex in the water is a new experience.

After bathing, wipe and spread baby talcum powder all over your body. And do not introduce water into the metal connectors of the doll's neck, which could cause the water inside the doll's skeleton to rust.

Besides, the feet of the standing doll is also made of metal, dry them well.

If you want more complete information to take a bath with your sex doll see our article.

Sleep with your sex doll

After all, sex with dolls is a must. You can enjoy sleeping with a love doll huddled against it after your intercourse. Pure Sex Doll sells TPE and silicone sex dolls (to find out the difference, see our articles: TPE vs Silicone. The TPE sex doll is softer, while the silicone love doll is firmer. You can also see by yourself the differences between the two materials.
After handling, you can sleep with your inflatable doll in your arms, with her hands in your hands, or even with her breasts. It is better to heat love dolls with a heating blanket in winter.

Play with her doll
Another pleasure for lovers of sex dolls is to take pictures of dolls. Like a simple man going out with his girlfriend, he loves taking his girlfriend's picture. It's another kind of pleasure. Buy new clothes for the doll, choose new wigs, for the doll, and then take pictures.

If it's spring, take pictures under the trees. Summer, on the beach, with sunglasses and straw hats. In the fall, go to the Red Mountain to appreciate the red leaves. In winter, go skiing with your favorite sex toy. If you take some photos with landscapes inadvertently in everyday life, it will surely be a nice memory.


To be cured
There are many examples of people healed by love dolls. If a lovely woman is waiting for you to come home, you want to get home earlier. When you are tired when you have unhappy things in your life ... Do not say anything and squeeze your doll tenderly.

Although the doll cannot speak, it can communicate with your soul. Enjoy a joyful conversation in the virtual world. The beauty of the face and the softness of the skin of your sexy Pure Sex Doll are our pride.


Go out with a doll
Have you decided on your next vacation? Planning an appointment with your Love Doll is also part of the fun of Doll Life.

Your realistic love doll is a real girl! She also wants new clothes. And she wants to try sexy things in lingerie.
Do you want to buy her clothes? Go ahead, it will please him.

You can watch DVDs together in your room, or you can read in the same room. Strengthen your links.


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